Sunday, April 21, 2013

Putting Out Good Vibes for My Home to Sell

Washington.  I should have added another theme, grumblings.  Having a home for sale is painful.  Pain, of course, is relative, and the pain of selling your home no where near enters the realm of human suffering pain.  I wish to keep my blog on a light note; therefore, pain in the ass should sum it up.

I am anxious to get going on my new home.  I am anxious about holding two mortgages.  I am anxious that this house will never sell.  The market is tight with inventory at my level, but that doesn't seem to impel others to buy.  We have one particular person who has been looking at the house who can't seem to make the leap.  I guess they just didn't fall in love with the house.  My house is my home, and I don't understand why someone else couldn't fall in love with it.  My husband and I moved into this home that didn't have a bathroom or closet on the first floor.  We survived!  A family with five children lived here previously and they survived.  Then we decided to do an addition which ended up being too expensive, so J took over.  He received help from family members, but most notably from my brother-in-law. After two long years, that was completed.  It had a snowball effect on our life, because I decided to be a stay-at-home mom due to the focus my life needed to take.  We then did another smaller addition, added a pool and loggia in the back yard, and completed landscaping the backyard.  It's not a perfect home.  We made design mistakes, but it is overall a beautiful home with a lovely backyard, in a wonderful neighborhood.  Someday, someone will come here and get it.  I just hope that is soon.

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